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Why I Started my Business?

Hi everyone,

This is my first ever Blog. I am a little nervous about doing this , but I hope it will bring more traffic to my business doing the things I like to do. I started this business a few years ago just to try and sell some of my things that I was making to handle stress that I was under at that time on my life.

I do not have just one area that I like to create but several. I just like creating things and tryiong new things. I started crocheting then embroidery and then vinyl shirts. I like being able to do a variety of things and making sure that the items that I do is what the customer is wanting right down to the correct color and lettering.

I want to be the one stop shop that people will go to for personalized and handmade items. I love interacting with customers to make sure that what they have in mind is what they get when they come to my shop.

Till next time when we will talk about Lovey Blankets.

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