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Lovey Blankets with Character

Hey Everyone. I first found out that I was going to be a first time grandparent and started to make baby lovey blankets. These are so cute and great for babies and toddlers. You want to make yours unique and give them that special something that turns heads for your customers.

I had a customer who wanted 3 Lovey blankets made that represented her cats for her daughter. I decided to make them more then just typical cat with a color. I asked the customer to send me a photo of each of the cats and I would incorporate a marking and eye color for the lovey blanket.

Here are the lovey blankets that I did.

Each one has something from the orginal photo which I was not able to find. Somethings to think about is eye colors, adding bows, doing parts of the head in different colors or even favorite colors into the blanket. I always want to make the customer happy and create what they have in mind. I always ask the customer what colors that they want and make sure to send them samples of what I have to see if that will work of if they want a different color.

I find that it is easier to go to where I buy the material and and pick out the colors so I know exactly what they want and I also have there approval. I feel that by doing this that the customers is my control in how the items are made and not just for the Lovey Blankets.

I look at it this way customers are what keeps you in business.

Patterns that I use: I usually will use the 5 start blanket design as it is so nice and lays better that I have found as well as easy to do.

The lovey can be anything that you want it do be from dog, panda, cats, fox, unicorn and so much more. Below is the free pattern that I use to do the base of the lovey blanket.

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